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Ayurvedic Cosmetology (AC)

Ayurvedic Cosmetology (AC)

This program will teach you about the Ayurvedic concepts of beauty and the lifestyle choices you can implement to maintain it. Crucial to all studies of Ayurveda, we will learn how each of these practices can be modified to fit the needs of each individual. We will also go over practices designed to maintain good health in a preventative fashion that results in beautiful hair, skin, face and feet, true beauty from the inside out!

About the Course

When we are living a healthy life, the inner beauty from the health of our body will radiate out, being expressed as holistic beauty. This program teaches us that beauty is more than skin deep and that many of the daily Ayurvedic practices will lead to greater beauty, inside and out.

This program is taught by Ayurvedic professionals and will illustrate to you that many ailments have a root cause. What you may think of as an unattractive blemish may signal to an Ayurvedic professional that something deeper is going on. By learning how to identify and treat these ailments, you will be beautifying your skin while also improving your health.

Many of the practices that will be taught in this program will not be reactive, but rather preventative. Ayurveda has a very detailed dinacharya, or daily routine. This helps an individual to stay healthy, manage, stress, and experience radiant beauty.


Short Courses in this Certification Program
Basics of Ayurveda, Preventative Practices of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Wellness‌ ‌Massage‌ (AWC) & Ayurvedic beauty care(ABC)


Total duration
54 hours online & live streamed + 39 hours in-campus


Course Fee
$1934 USD

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