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Hands On Clinical Internship

Hands On Clinical Internship

In this 150 hours (17 days) internship, you will experience India both Ayurvedically and culturally. You will live and learn at Kerala Ayurveda’s Health Village in Cochin, India.

Experiencing the practices and therapies of Ayurveda in their homeland allows you to understand their origins and elevates your appreciation. Students, visitors, and patients are welcomed to this quiet, natural, healing sanctuary located right along the Periyar River, lush with vibrant flowers and Ayurvedic herbs. As an intern, your day will be filled with practical learning and also nourished by Ayurvedic meals prepared fresh three times a day. There is beauty around every corner with naturally adorned pooja offerings and some of the most colorful sunsets you have ever seen.

While at The Health Village, you will learn from experienced Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners, participating in clinical rounds, consultations, assessment and the practice of clinical management — gaining indispensable knowledge from the new lessons and perspectives. Additionally, you will work alongside the doctors and practitioners while making oils and decoctions as well as learning the proper techniques for various Ayurvedic therapies. Under their supervision, you will be able to practice these techniques and benefit from their immediate guidance.

Kerala Ayurveda believes that directly experiencing these practices for yourself will bring the most appreciation for their profound benefits. Each intern will have the opportunity to enjoy one session of two different Ayurvedic therapies.

You will quickly learn that The Health Village is one part of a whole Kerala Ayurveda network throughout the area. Not far from The Health Village are multiple outpatient offices, an herb garden, processing facility and pharmacy, all of which you will visit. The appointments at the outpatient offices are fascinating, providing you with a first hand look at how Ayurveda is helping the people of India today.

(Note: For those participating in the program as an Individual, not all segments of this immersion may be available)

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