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Ayurvedic Wellness‌ ‌Massage‌ ‌(AWM)

Ayurvedic Wellness‌ ‌Massage‌ ‌(AWM)

There is a reason that Ayurveda is most popularly known for its healing, stress-relieving oil body massage, abhyanga. All someone has to do is experience this one time to understand the holistic benefits. This course will teach you the techniques so that you can offer this healing therapy and incorporate it into any massage practice or spa. You will learn how to perform abhyanga full body massages, facials, foot massages, sirodhara, and udwarthanam (body scrubs). You will learn how to prepare the body for the oils or other ingredients used, proper applications, specific strokes, draping, before and after care, clean up and the appropriate frequency of treatments.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the healing techniques of an Ayurvedic massage and other powerful body work therapies
  • Apply the techniques that you have learned in interactive sessions to receive direct feedback from experienced Ayurvedic practitioners
  • Experience to understand how truly magical these simple techniques are at providing healing to the body and profound stress relief

Basics of Ayurveda (BOA)


Six hours of this course will be live streamed; the remaining 21 hours will be offered on site at Kerala Ayurveda Academy India in Kochi. The onsite portion will be 4 days sessions of live lectures, hands on practicum and interactive sessions.


Course Fee
$75 Online Fee
$710 On Campus Fee

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