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Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics (AP)

Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics (AP)

Single herbs can provide an amazing benefit when properly prescribed. When multiple single herbs are combined together to make a formula, their effect is potentiated and the benefit is greater than any herb alone. This program is designed to shed light on some of the most important Ayurvedic formulations. The preparation, uses, advantages and disadvantages of each formula will be covered.

About the Course

There is an extensive amount of information regarding each herb in the Ayurvedic glossary and even more when we begin combining these herbs together to make an herbal formula. While the formulas are even more powerful than any single herb, it would be nearly impossible to cover every Ayurvedic formula. This program is designed to teach you about some of the most important formulas that are used for health management today.

There are multiple ways that the herbs can be prepared ranging from decoctions to oils to dry powders. This program will cover these various preparations while teaching you the advantages and disadvantages of each. Additionally, we will learn how to utilize this knowledge to create the most effective combination of herbs for each rogi.


Short Courses in this Certification Program
Basics of Ayurveda, Introduction to Ayurvedic Formulations, Introduction to Ayurvedic Herbology & Advanced Ayurvedic Formulations


Total duration
54 online + 30 on site =
84 hours


Course Fee
$1493 USD

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