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Ayurvedic Nutrition (AN)

Ayurvedic Nutrition (AN)

Nutrition is one of the most interesting, extensive, and important aspects of living a healthy life! Any nutritionist will tell you that, of course, what we eat is crucial to good health. Ayurveda takes this a step further by teaching us that when and how we eat are equally as important to what we eat. Ayurvedic nutrition is highly personalized, thorough in its explanation behind each theory, and undeniable beneficial once you experience its effects.

About the Course

Good health begins in the gut. This is something that modern scientists are proving with countless research studies, but Ayurveda has been teaching for over 5,000 years. There are so many aspects of life that contribute to creating a healthy gut ranging from stress management, maintaining a daily routine, and exercise. However, one of the most important is the actual food that we choose to eat.

Most interestingly, the same foods that bring health and balance to one individual may be problematic for another. This is why this program will also teach you some of the core principles of Ayurveda. The point of this program is not for you to memorize which foods are good for which people, but rather for you to understand the theory behind why these choices are selected.

After the proper foods have been eaten, the agni (digestive power) will break the foods down and assimilate the nutrients into each tissue of the body. In order for this process to occur most optimally, Ayurveda teaches us about holistic nutrition. While we are eating and our bodies are open to receiving food and nutrition, when and how we eat are equally as important to what we eat. This program will teach you the proper time of day for each meal as well as the best mindset and circumstance to be in while eating to fully nourish our mind and body.


Short Courses in this Certification Program
Basics of Ayurveda, Preventative Practices of Ayurveda, Introduction to Ayurvedic Nutrition & Advanced Ayurvedic Nutrition


Total duration
57 (Online) Hours


Course Fee
$724 USD

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