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Ayurvedic Life Practical

Ayurvedic Life Practical

In this 50 hour (6 full days + 1 day sightseeing) practical session, you will live the Ayurvedic Life at Kerala Ayurveda’s Health Village in Cochin, India. The Health Village is a healing haven, nestled along the Periyar River and abundantly full of Ayurvedic herbs and vibrant flowers. Each day will start with your dinacharya routine, yoga and an Ayurvedic breakfast. Just as digestion is the cornerstone of good health in the body, the kitchen is centrally located on the property to provide guests with the freshest and most delicious food, as well as plenty of chai! Practical sessions of herbology will include identifying herbs and making formulations and decoctions. The cooking sessions will include preparing some of the meals that are eaten at The Health Village, and learning how to cook for the different doshas. You will have the direct supervision of experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners as you practice Ayurvedic bodywork techniques and will experience the benefit of receiving some of these therapies yourself! You will also have the opportunity to practice conducting a clinical consultation. Your Ayurvedic stay will also include all vegetarian meals and pranayama and meditation sessions.

You will quickly learn that The Health Village is one part of a whole Kerala Ayurveda network throughout the area. Not far from The Health Village are multiple outpatient offices, an herb garden, processing facility and pharmacy, all of which you will visit.

This is an immersion in Ayurveda like none other that will provide you with the practical, hands-on experience necessary to become successful as a first year Ayurvedic Counselor.

(Note: For those participating in the program as an Individual, not all segments of this immersion may be available)

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Price for 7 days
Single Room $2000

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