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Ayurvedic Cooking (AYC)

Ayurvedic Cooking (AYC)

This course is designed for people with an appetite for healthy foods or professionals who wish to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into their dishes. We will learn how to prepare teas, appetizers, snacks, main meals, and puddings, all with an understanding of their doshic interactions. Ayurveda says that we should enjoy the food we cook and eat, so in addition to being nutritious, the foods are equally as delicious!


Basics of Ayurveda (BOA), Preventative Practices of Ayurveda (PPA), Introduction to Ayurvedic Nutrition (AN1), Advanced Ayurvedic Nutrition (AN2)


15 hours will be offered on site at Kerala Ayurveda Academy India in Kochi. The onsite portion will be 3 days sessions of live lectures, hands on practicum and interactive sessions.


Course Fee
$480 USD

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