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Advanced‌ ‌Ayurvedic Formulations (AF2)

Advanced‌ ‌Ayurvedic Formulations (AF2)

This program will help you gain substantial knowledge about the fundamentals of different Ayurvedic formulations. During the practical parts of this program, you will learn how to prepare common classical formulations in forms of oils, decoctions, ghees, and more.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the rich heritage of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics
  • Learn the kitchen preparations that can be made with minimal equipment yet yield maximum effectiveness
  • Understand the incredible depth of pharmaceutical principles of Ayurveda that rivals modern medications
  • Experience the making of the well known Ayurvedic oils and ghees to understand the astonishing simplicity that leads to such powerful, natural healing substances

Basics of Ayurveda (BOA), Introduction to Ayurvedic Formulations (AF1)


Twelve hours of this course will be live streamed; the remaining 24 hours will be offered on site at Kerala Ayurveda Academy India in Kochi. The onsite portion will be 4 days sessions of live lectures, hands on practicum and interactive sessions


Course Fee
$150 Online Fee
$749 On Campus Fee

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